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comfort and safety

to people the world over

We are committed to fostering a world where people can live securely and comfortably.

We will continue to produce quality products essential to society.

Protect People’s Lives

Fumakilla continuously invests in R&D in order to shield life and health from everyday dangers.

Protect People’s Living

Fumakilla's advantage lies in the added value that we bring, thereby improving quality of life rather than simply solving problems.

Protect the Environment that Nurtures People

We are developing products with the ideas of safety and comfort uppermost, that do not involve artificial chemical compounds.

Creating innovations that are effective, environmentally friendly and safe

Our R&D investment keeps FUMAKILLA at the forefront of the industry, delivering on our promises of continuous value improvement and best-in-class product excellence.

Fumakilla Malaysia Berhad wins the Employer of Choice Award at the 19th Malaysia International HR Awards 2019.

At Fumakilla, we aim to create an environment in which all employees can fulfill their potential. To do that, the company seeks to motivate, engage and maintain employee satisfaction and well-being at work. We listen to the feedback and ideas of our employees and move forward together towards a common goal.

We stand united against all odds

At Fumakilla, we believe that unity is our greatest strength. We care for each other’s well-being, and we support and motivate each other to reach greater heights.

We are better when we unite.