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What happened around us?


04 Jan 2023
Update on the Dengue situation in the Western Pacific Region


06 Oct 2023
Dengue will 'take off' in southern Europe, US, Africa this decade, WHO scientist says
03 Oct 2023
Dengue cases to spike further by 2023 end
23 Aug 2023
NCSU Research: Simple Cockroach Control Method Lowers Respiratory Health Risks
11 Aug 2023
Malaysia: Dengue cases up 120%, Rabies in Sarawak up 87%
23 Jul 2023
Dr Zaliha: 45 fatalities from dengue recorded in Malaysia from Jan to mid-July this year
10 Jul 2023
Total dengue cases since January up 139% from 2022, says health minister
29 Jun 2023
Understanding the dengue outbreak in Malaysia: Causes, impact and solutions
18 Apr 2023
Do cockroaches make asthma worse?
26 Mar 2023
Fogging is enough, and other misconceptions about dengue fever
27 Feb 2023
#HEALTH: The endless battle against dengue
04 Jan 2023
Dr. Coby Schal on the Public Health Impact of Cockroaches
02 Jan 2023
Experts warn of mosquitoes resistant to fogging
02 Jan 2023
Will 2023 be the year of dengue?
01 Jan 2023
Report: Dengue epidemic to hit Malaysia this year, cases to peak in 2024 and 2025


28 Dec 2022
Selangor records highest number of dengue hotspots last week, says Health DG
27 Dec 2022
Climate change creates the perfect conditions for dengue to spread: Is fogging enough to beat that?
20 Dec 2022
Dengue cases in Johor double that of last year's figures
09 Dec 2022
Japanese dengue vaccine becomes second approved by EU


22 Apr 2021
WHO's update on dengue situation worldwide
22 Mar 2021
Anxious over stalled project in Kg Delek
09 Mar 2021
On alert following chikungunya outbreak


21 Jun 2019
Drug-resistant germs found on flies in English hospitals – new study